We are pleased to provide you with MiOK – a tool designed to offer simple yet holistic support. All information you enter is protected and private and is retained on your mobile device, for your eyes only.

The number one rule in first aid that is you need to look after yourself before you can look after others. In looking after yourself, you look after those around you.

MiOK features have been carefully considered with the user in mind. The application is underpinned by evidence and is designed to help you maintain both a healthy body and mind.

To help you make your health a priority, I invite you to download MiOK today.

To register MiOK, we need to send you a code.

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How to use MiOK

In the Hamburger menu at the top left of the screen, you can set up your preferences:

  • Synchronise Health Data -Turning on this option will allow MiOK to sync health and fitness data with your devices, e.g., FitBit or Apple Watch.

  • Notifications – Stay on top of your tracking by setting a daily reminder to check in.

  • Security Configuration – Decide the level of security you want for MiOK.

To register MiOK, we need to send you a code.

How it works

The phone icon at the top right of every screen provides Emergency Support contact details.
On the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, you will see the following menus

My Checks

Track indicators of your health and wellbeing (like body temperature, daily steps, sleep, and alcohol intake) to pick up on changes early. You can even create a personalised indicator to track! Validated mental wellness questionnaires will alert you to seek professional advice and support, if required.

My Timeline

Keep a record of your COVID-19 related information, including testing and diagnosis dates, results, vaccinations and even treatment, so you have all your information safely in one place for easy access. You can even record your other medical appointments or track your yoga sessions.

My Toolkit

A library of resources to support you, including links to meditation and mindfulness activities, to help you stay well and healthy.


  • What is the MiOK app?

    MiOK – Am I OK? is a health and wellbeing mobile application, developed to encourage individuals to check in on their wellbeing. It is designed to offer simple and non-intrusive support with all personal data securely stored on the user’s device.

  • What does it do?

    The overarching goal of MiOK is to help you look after yourself by maintaining a healthy wellbeing. As we know, getting on top of issues early leads to better long term health outcomes.

    Although MiOK was originally developed as DB Results’ philanthropic response to the 2020 bushfires, the app can be utilised in any crisis as well as help with the potential wide-ranging impact of COVID-19.

    MiOK integrates tracking of health and wellness factors like exercise, nutrition, sleep and practicing mindfulness together with mood monitoring, in tune with first line management practices by mental health experts.

  • How is MiOK different to other apps?

    MiOK is unique as it provides a holistic health and wellbeing solution in one place. It also provides personalised feedback to know when to get expert help, when things aren’t right early on. Importantly, it integrates COVID-19 specific features, to assist you to stay safe and well.

  • Why should I use this app?

    We know that almost half of all Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Looking after your health and wellbeing has never been more important than now.

    COVID-19 has catapulted the issue of health and wellness, changing our way of life in unprecedented ways. Hybrid models of working from home and in the office is now the norm. Many of our households are affected by unemployment and financial strain, and the general challenges of constantly changing social isolation conditions which are all affecting our mental and physical wellbeing.

    Sadly, research shows that people can feel the emotional impacts up to several years after the initiating event.