How sponsors benefit

Why should you sponsor us

We take mental health seriously and we take our sponsors seriously. We believe when a company or organisation chooses to join and support our mission to empower individuals and organisations with proactive tools and techniques that harness both mental well-being and resilience, they are joining something that is much bigger than just a mental health organisation. They are becoming part of the solution to our ever-growing mental health crisis. 

  • Employee well-being

    Investing in mental health initiatives is an investment in your employees and your community. Supporting our cause can help create a healthier and more productive workforce, resulting in reduced absenteeism, improved morale, and higher employee retention rates.

  • Market Differentiation

    Sponsoring a mental health non-profit sets your company apart in a competitive marketplace. It demonstrates your dedication to a meaningful cause, giving you a unique selling point that resonates with customers and partners.

  • Community Engagement

    By sponsoring U alright mate? showcases your commitment to the local community. It strengthens relationships with local stakeholders and customers, demonstrating your active involvement in improving the lives of those around you.

  • Brand Alignment

    U alright mate? shares values and a mission to promote mental health. Sponsoring us allows your company to align its brand with a cause that matters, enhancing authenticity and public trust.

  • Public Relations and Marketing Opportunities

    Through sponsorship, your company gains exposure across various platforms, including our events, promotional materials, and social media channels. This exposure helps you showcase your commitment to mental health and engage with a broader audience.

  • Tax Benefits

    Depending on local tax regulations, your company may be eligible for tax benefits or deductions for charitable donations and sponsorships, providing a financial incentive for your support.

Our statistics are moving in the wrong direction, here at U alright mate? we know that we can’t do it alone, but through our sponsors and partnerships, we believe we can make a true measurable difference.

To find our more or to become a sponsor please contact us today.