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On premises Talks

Having a U alright mate talk facilitated in your company offers several benefits for both your employees and your company as a whole. Here are some reasons why you should align with U alright mate in your company:

  • Mental health issues are prevalent in every workplace, and addressing them can contribute to the overall well-being of your employees. By having U alright mate present in your company on mental health, your company demonstrates a commitment to supporting its employees’ mental well-being and creating a positive work environment.

  • Mental health challenges are common in schools, and addressing them can significantly improve students’ overall well-being. By inviting U alright mate to present on mental health, your school illustrates a commitment to fostering its students’ mental wellness and cultivating a supportive learning environment. Such initiatives can aid in reducing stress, boosting academic performance, and equipping students with tools for managing their mental health – skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

What's different about a U alright mate talk?

U alright mate was setup by Cameron Oates after losing his brother to suicide in August, 2018. Cameron was determined not to allow his brother Troy, to just be another statistic and wanted his actions to help others that may be struggling.

Cameron presents his story in a compelling and heartfelt way and talks of his own mental health challenges and how he usings specific tools on a daily basis to help him through some of the darkest days of his life. Battling with his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Cameron uses daily tools that he shares that can help individuals to not only begin to feel better, but also looking towards their future with joy and excitement.

Cameron is a qualified and practising Neurofeedback Practitioner, helping individuals and sporting athletes to lower their automatic stress response. Neurofeedback works with the brain’s electrical activity and trains very specific regions of the brain to decrease or increase in energy; this brings balance into the individual’s brain.

Cameron has worked in the personal development industry since 2016 and has helped countless individuals through their mental health challenges, giving them practical and simple tools, they can easily implement.

With each U alright mate talk conducted we leave you with material with steps on managing mental health concerns, resources to contact, a free phone app that can assist in tracking one’s mental health on a daily basis and most importantly a clear path for people to take with a sense of belief in themselves and what they can achieve. Our U alright mate talk is not only emotional, but motivating for every person who is in attendance.