About: Beau Pearson


Beau Pearson is a Dog Trainer & Performer with over 20 years’ experience.

Beau and his partner Sim started “The Flipping Disc Dogz” performing around Australia with their dogs from all different backgrounds including abused and rescued as well as purebred dogs, using their stories to relate to children and adults, sharing the message that nothing is impossible if you ‘Never Give Up’.

“I went through a time where I made some bad choices, I hurt the ones I loved and I thought the world would be better off without me. That night I went to walk out the door when my dog (Millie Milkshake) wouldn’t let me past. I saw in her eyes she knew the hurt and pain I was going through and wouldn’t understand if I never came back. The following morning I received an unexpected phone call from Cameron. Cameron helped me turn my life around. I could finally see positives where I thought there were none. I am grateful for the support from Cameron and now a big supporter of ‘U alright mate?’”.