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U Alright Mate?

Revolutionising the way society approaches mental health

Tim Costello is a valued patron of U alright mate? Renowned Australian social justice and global poverty advocate, Tim led World Vision Australia for 13 years. As an ordained Baptist minister, he has worked extensively for justice in Melbourne, Victoria. Tim is recognised in the Australian of the Year awards in 2006 and as an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2005.

Our Vision

What we believe in

To revolutionise the way society approaches mental health

Our Mission

Our Goals

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations with proactive tools and techniques to harness both mental well-being and resilience

What we do

How we can help you

  • Participating in group discussions is a powerful way for you to cultivate a sense of community and shared responsibility. These platforms educate you about the significance of supporting others, which in turn, enhances your own mental well-being. By engaging in these discussions, you’re encouraged to develop empathy, offer mutual support, and gain understanding, all crucial components of a mentally healthy environment. Such interactions can help reduce feelings of isolation, increase your self-esteem, and empower you to take an active role in managing your mental health.

  • We take mental health seriously, that’s why we created this 12-month program, consisting of 6 core workshops – Goal Setting, Morning & Nighttime Routines, Stress Management, Meditation, Exercise, and Nutrition. Each workshop is interactive and focuses on creating a team culture that is built around trust and support. 

    Not only does this bring your team together and create a healthy workplace environment, but it also helps with creating a workplace that is active in providing and supporting their employees.

  • By engaging with our resources, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise designed to enhance your understanding of mental health and mutual support. Our educational materials, workshops, digital learning platforms, and personalized consultations are curated to your needs. They not only offer insightful information but also practical strategies for fostering supportive environments. Participating in expert-led group discussions adds context to these tools, deepening your understanding. This holistic approach empowers you to navigate your relationships and personal well-being more effectively, enriching your journey towards improved mental health.

What You can do

How you can help us

  • By sponsoring our services, your corporation gains an invaluable resource to enhance the mental health of your staff. Our expert-guided programs offer employees the tools to cultivate supportive environments, boosting their overall well-being and job satisfaction. This investment can lead to increased productivity, reduced staff turnover, and an enriched corporate culture. Importantly, it also signals your commitment to employee wellness, reinforcing your reputation as a responsible and empathetic employer that values its workforce’s mental health.

  • By donating to our cause, you’re making a significant contribution to the promotion of mental health and community support. Your generosity enables us to reach more individuals with our expert-guided programs, providing them with the necessary tools to foster supportive environments. Your contribution doesn’t just impact the beneficiaries, but resonates through their communities, leading to wider positive changes. Moreover, it signifies your personal commitment to mental health awareness and empathy, embodying a tangible difference in this essential aspect of human well-being.

  • We believe that forming partnerships and collaboration in the mental health space is absolutely essential.  Creating a holistic, impactful, and sustainable approach to addressing mental health challenges in every industry. Forming these partnerships allows us to leverage our strengths, reduce inefficiencies, challenge stigma, and ultimately provide better support and resources to communities and those in need. We can’t do it alone, but the more partnerships that are formed we believe we can truly make a difference.

Why we exist

Message from Cameron Oates Founder of
'U alright mate?'

August 18th, 2018 – This date will be forever etched in my mind, it’s the day my brother Troy took his life.

After months of grief, unanswered questions, frustrations and blame, I wanted to do something to prevent other families going through the heartache of loosing a loved one. 

Who is in our team

Our Team

  • Tim Costello is one of Australia’s leading voices on social justice and global poverty and has been instrumental in ensuring these issues are on the national and international agenda. He traveled the world for work in poverty alleviation and emergency relief as he led World Vision Australia for thirteen years.

    Tim is an ordained Baptist minister and spent years building community and addressing issues of justice in St. Kilda and Melbourne.

    Tim was named in the Australian of the Year awards in 2006 and was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2005.U alright mate? is forever grateful to have Tim Costello as patron and supporter of our message.

  • Cameron Oates

    Founder & President

    After losing his brother Troy to suicide in August 2018, Cameron is determined and passionate to shift the way we approach Mental Health. As a Neurotherapist and Life Coach Trainer, Cameron works with clients from around the world, helping them achieve a healthier mindset and gain clarity on their life. Driven by his knowledge of the human mind, Cameron knows our potential is limitless and believes that each and every one of us can achieve truly great things.

    Cameron feels that U alright mate? can deliver this message through the MiOK phone app, workshops, talks, and social media channels.

  • David Hobbs

    Vice President

    David is a happily married husband and a father of two beautiful children. David runs a successful electrical business on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

    David is a football loving (Collingwood) tradie. He is the life of the party who loves to socialise and have a quiet beer with his mates. Throughout his life David has experienced tragedy, he has had his fair share of battles. David says “If you had told me as little as a few years ago that these battles would occur I would’ve laughed at you.” David jumped at the opportunity of becoming a part of U alright mate? and become part of solution in the hope of removing the stigma of men’s mental health. David was unsure of asking for help however, he now knows it was the best decision he ever made.

  • Roger Oates

    Secretary/ Public Officer

    Roger has always had a passion for helping others. Although retired, Roger finds himself very active as a volunteer in his local community and is a past member of Rotary International.

    Roger’s background and experience in business management, education and running his own businesses makes him a valuable asset to the U alright mate? team.

    Roger is very much aware of the need to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact it has on those left behind. Roger is the step father to Troy, Cameron’s elder brother.

  • Over the past 14 years Richard has been in committee development programs and on committees in State Government.

    He is often asked ‘what keeps you focused on this, and what sets you apart?’

    Richard has seen how the hidden world of mental health can affect family and friends; it is his driving force to get the message heard.

    When Richard had the opportunity to join the U alright mate? team he felt it was a simple decision as it’s in harmony with his beliefs and values and realises the need for this message to be spread.

  • Troy Drake

    Committee Advisor

    Troy, with over 25 years managing, consulting and owning multi 7 figure construction companies brings a wealth of knowledge to the organisation.

    Troy was met with severe ill health due to the huge stresses associated with the industry. Seeking ways to heal and reduce his stress, Troy attended a Meditation workshop, which went on to change the course of his life. Although a complete beginner, Troy experienced tremendous inner changes quite rapidly and subsequently a few years later went on to train and become a Streamline Meditation coach.

    Troy has since gone on to study with Proctor-Gallagher as a “Thinking Into Results Facilitator” and also holds a Diploma in Life Coaching and is a certified NLP practitioner.

  • Quinn, a lawyer with extensive experience in private and public practice and as a practise manager. Quinn is currently the Managing Director of QHM Lawyers, located in Melbourne’s South-East and was elected as a Councillor to Frankston City Council.

    Quinn has a longstanding exposure and involvement with public boards, with a strong governance and risk management focus.

    In addition to her legal qualifications, Quinn holds an Honours Degree in Science and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Quinn is a valued member of the U alright mate? team.

  • Beau Pearson is a Dog Trainer & Performer with over 20 years’ experience.

    Beau and his partner Sim started “The Flipping Disc Dogz” performing around Australia with their dogs from all different backgrounds including abused and rescued as well as purebred dogs, using their stories to relate to children and adults, sharing the message that nothing is impossible if you ‘Never Give Up’.

    “I went through a time where I made some bad choices, I hurt the ones I loved and I thought the world would be better off without me. That night I went to walk out the door when my dog (Millie Milkshake) wouldn’t let me past. I saw in her eyes she knew the hurt and pain I was going through and wouldn’t understand if I never came back. The following morning I received an unexpected phone call from Cameron. Cameron helped me turn my life around. I could finally see positives where I thought there were none. I am grateful for the support from Cameron and now a big supporter of ‘U alright mate?’”.

  • Ngan is the co-founder and Chief Operations and People Officer of Transeal Projects.

    Ngan is passionate about coaching leaders, small business owners and high achievers to define and navigate their next move in life. Most people believe that happiness comes when you’re successful, but to Ngan – success comes from being happy – it’s all an inside-out job.

    A strong advocate for mindfulness and gratitude, she lives by the mantra – slow down to speed up. Combining all her passions, she has also co-founded the Flying Pigs Adventures – a platform providing tools and resources for raising happy, conscious and connected kids.

    Ngan has joined the advisory board of ‘U alright mate?’ because of her own personal journey with managing mental health, having experienced depression and anxiety and supporting her husband Nam through his own personal journey.

Our Vision

What we believe in

To revolutionise the way society approaches mental health

Our Mission

Our Goals

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations with proactive tools and techniques to harness both mental well-being and resilience

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